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How to have a better play plan

  • October 13, 2018
  • Posted by Rednef
  • 0 comments – How to have a better play plan. You should never play the game without having a proper plan and you should pay proper attention to that. You have to consider the type of table, the minimum bet amount, types of player who are available on the table and the duration that you are willing to spend on the game. In case you are looking for short play you should opt for a table with many people where you will have to place a small bet, many people waiting to fold being new gamblers and if you are wanting to get a huge amount from the game you should be joining a table which has high pot amount and you can play your game there with high chances of earning a huge amount in return. The slow play and continuing betting is kind of favorite betting plan that is used by most of the players. It makes the task of betting even simpler if you want a detailed advice on the same

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For an example:

You have in your hand K & Q   with the flop coming down to 9 10   you have just flopped a straight. It depends on a good opponent, he or she must be able to spot a straight possibility on a flop.

If you were leading and you make a value half of the pot, this increases the chances of your opponent thinking that you either have straight or you are soon going to fold.

In this case, you can go for many more options or could use your bluffing skills with which what you will have to do is just keep raising your bet slowly, pretending you have no strong hand and your opponent might think that you don’t have a straight hand and they keep raising your bet.

You can choose to play according to your game plan, you can keep raising your opponent or you can slow play in the game. You can get the option to keep your player in the game with your bluff and enjoy the increasing bets that he or she is making unknowing the fact that you have the best cards. However, we will suggest you do not trust every betting plan they work in some cases and sometimes it doesn’t, you should use your own experience and game strategies to get the best gaming experience of your life with Poker Online Indonesia.